SRC Companies operates some of the most modern and efficient facilities in the country.

By continually offering a diversification of services and evolving with the times, SRC has maintained the highest level of customer service throughout our 100-year history and four-generations of family involvement.

What we do:

SRC handles unprocessed animal waste, used grease and used cooking oil in an environmentally safe and cost-efficient way. The raw materials are turned into essential ingredients to common products that we use in our daily lives. SRC owns a collection facility in both Reno and Turlock, as well as a collection and processing plant in Sacramento. SRC trucks travel across northern and central California and northern Nevada collecting raw material from food establishments and food-processing facilities. Traveling to ranches, dairies, restaurants, butcher shops and grocery stores, we service more than 4,000 customers.

The rendering process generates two main products: protein and fat. Proteins supplement animal feed and pet food. This protein contains essential amino acids, taurine, essential fatty acids, calcium, vitamin B12 and vitamin A - these ingredients enable the efficient production of beef, veal, pork, poultry, eggs, fish and milk. The meal feeds swine, poultry, and family pets.

How we do it:

SRC and RRC collects and processes animal by-products.

SRC Pumping Company is the grease trap and interceptor clean-out division providing service to restaurants and food markets.

SRC Milling Company facilitates the production of various proteins.

Without the rendering industry, 59 billion pounds of animal byproducts would be dumped into landfills, contaminating soil and reducing the country's available landfill space by 25% per year. At that rate available space would be filled up in 4 years.